No new non-negotiables

Because I only managed to hit all of them on one day last week. So this week I’m going to try writing them on the blackboard in the kitchen and checking them off. Because I am genuinely having a hard time remembering them all as my brain swirls through the day.
Ugh. Having so much anxiety this morning. Probably triggered by paying the bills this morning. Or maybe I ate something detrimental. I dunno, but it’s bordering on feeling like PPD. This whole weekend has been kind of iffy. Part of it may be the fact that I haven’t even been keeping up with these 5 small tasks, never mind any bigger organizing projects. Yeah, when I do the non-negotiables, it helps a lot with maintaining, but it doesn’t do a thing for the big mess on my desk or in the Suburban. I need to figure out a better system for mail and paperwork too. Blargh. Patience, I guess. Hopefully these habits will make it possible to start in on the big stuff after awhile. But it’s pretty discouraging right now.


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