This wagon is nice

Yesterday was a good day, even though I was either gone or preparing to be gone all day long. Wasn’t planning to be gone until 4:30, but I was. But I got up before 6 and got my non-negotiables done and wasn’t trying to play catch-up when I got home and that was really, really nice.
My goals for today involve the same non-negotiables, putting away piles of laundry and washing more (seriously, catching up on laundry and making AAAAALLLLL TEH THINGS CLEAN is an obsession in the impossible). Putting away laundry is not my favorite thing, but I just turn on an interesting podcast and do it, it doesn’t take too long. Even piles.
And then once I’ve done the dailies and put away the laundry, I should probably wipe down the bathroom and vacuum the living room before either gets too bad. And if I get that far, the grass is super, super long and I need to zip it off quick before the dew comes on.
Yep, there’s my housekeeping priorities for the day.
I should confess though that my blessed husband has both unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher yesterday and this morning, sweet man that he is.


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