Not too bad

The only non-negotiable I got done yesterday was making the bed and loading a very dishes. Didn’t even run the dishwasher because I got home pretty late.
First thing in the morning, I was up’n’at’em to print materials for client folders and then I got everything ready for the kids and myself, in case I got called to a birth while I was in Dix. Well, I didn’t get called, but I did have an afternoon and evening full of appointments. It was a busy day.
Then, first thing this morning, a current client texted to let me know that it looks like labor is somewhere around the corner, so I restocked the kids’ go bags, double-checked my supplies, put in a load of laundry, showered, and threw the kids in the car to run into town and pick up our side of freezer beef from the butcher so I could get it home and in the freezer before called. Rearranged the freezer to fit everything in and make multiple things accessible, hung out the laundry, messaged with several clients and potential clients, grilled burgers for lunch, fed R, enjoyed just sitting and nursing in the most beautiful spring weather imaginable, and then hung another load of laundry. Came inside and took care of today’s non-negotiables, sweeping the floor, tidying the kitchen and loading the dishwasher. It’s been a not-too-bad day. The living room is a huge mess, but at least the carpet is clean, thanks to the new vacuum.
So now I’m laying down to rest (right after I made the bed, of course). I should be planting some stuff in the garden, but I have a feeling my client’s labor will kick in tonight and I don’t want to be exhausted from the day’s labors when that happens. Resting: it’s part of my job, teehee.
But I do feel like things are starting to ease up a little, now that I’m working in mini-maintenance with the non-negotiables. It only takes a few minutes a day, if I don’t get interrupted, and it will only get better as I add more tasks and really BUILD these habits. If I stick with it, that is. Fingers crossed. There’s still a lot of decluttering and organizing to do and I haven’t tackled anything yet because I’ve been waiting for this baby to come, but the success in other areas is certainly good motivation to make the dust fly on some organizing projects.


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