A place for everything…

…and everything in its place. I’m beginning to recognize that this is just going to have to be my housekeeping motto. Or rather, our family’s housekeeping motto, because I can’t so everything by myself. But keeping things picked up makes actual cleaning so much easier, both practically and psychologically. It sounds so easy; why can’t I be disciplined enough to just follow through. Yeah, *sigh*, Slob Vision: the inability to see minor disarray until it’s suddenly a huge, overwhelming mess. I just have to push and train myself. But that’s only half the battle- how am I ever gonna teach it to the kids? Hopefully if they see me tidying and putting away and making things look nice, they’ll start building the habits too. D is already a good little picker-upper and cleaner- when she wants to be, of course.
I can hardly believe it’s already Sunday night and time to choose another non-negotiable. I did pretty good with un/reloading the dishwasher every day and running it every night this week. Which was great- it’s amazing how the dishwasher does a much better job when it’s not crammed full of two days’ worth of dishes! I don’t feel like it’s a habit yet, it’s still something I have to focus on and remind myself constantly to do, but so is making the bed and I’ve been doing that regularly for over 2 weeks now.
Although, I’m hoping that as I add more daily non-negotiables that I will develop more of a routine that helps things get done in an organized and efficient manner. Right now, there have been days where the bed wasn’t made until 1 PM and where it took all morning to get the dishwasher unloaded. I guess one could say this is unpredictable life with young kids, but they’ve been saying at school that having a daily structure and routine at home is so helpful to kids in the classroom and I really want to figure something out for the summer, so we have something to go from when G starts K in the fall. I have a handy little app called Chore Monster that I’m going to be using to reward daily chore completion. We’ll see how it goes.
But anyways, back to non-negotiables, I proclaim this week’s new task to be a daily sweeping of the kitchen floor. Just one more little thing that needs to be kept after and I want to become an automatic habit.
None of it is becoming very habitual yet, and I have SO far to go, but I am feeling good about this slow and steady course of action.


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