Nap time

Every single day I tell myself that if I get everything done, I can take a rest when the kids are sleeping. Suffice it to say, that rarely happens. Well, today I’m doing it. So far today I have:
-made the bed
-emptied the dishwasher
-collected and sorted all the dirty laundry
-put away two clean loads of laundry
Not too shabby, considering I was gone all morning for a parent teacher conference. But still, so much left to do. Well, today I’m taking a nap. I’m exhausted, just like every day.
I think I have a weird clock. After struggling to get started all morning, I finally get the kids squared away and find my motivation about 1 PM. Right about the time I get swept with a wave of weariness. Then I tell myself that I’ll just finish this and then I can go lay down. But generally by the time I’m done, the kids are up/home from school and it’s time to think about supper. I wish I didn’t need to sleep. I wish I had boundless energy. I wish I could stay up far into the night, working on everything that needs done while the house is quiet. Except, then I PAY. BIG TIME. Especially since my kids like to be up before 6 AM.
Can’t wait until our new vacuum gets here. Then I shall CLEAN. The floors are grossing me out so much right now.
Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel like I needed to catch up before I could start a fun project. Like, I wish I could just go but paint and start in on the living room. But I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t end well. I like painting for about the first 10 rolls of the roller, and then I’m tired of it and I want it to be done. And cutting in around trim work makes me want to pull my hair out. But still…it would look so pretty. And then I would probably get around to actually buying decor and hanging stuff on the walls.
Anyways. I hope these new habits of mine stick. I guess I don’t just want new habits; I want new routines that I don’t have to think about. That I can just go through and DO and be DONE and not have to focus on the mind-numbing drudgery of housework.
The end.


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