Another week, another non-negotiable

Well, I’ve been meaning to assign myself a new daily non-negotiable, but last week was nuts with a bout of mastitis that had me sicker than I have been a very long time, maybe ever. That was Monday. Tuesday I was on the mend, but still pretty wrung out. But I got a call and by 7:15 PM, I was headed to Bis for a birth. Yeah, walked into the hospital at 9:30 Tuesday night…and didn’t walk out again until Thursday morning at 6:30. With an accumulated 2 hours of sleep. Yep, insane, but pretty dang awesome. It was a true honor to attend such a show of strength and courage. Anyways, then Thursday and Friday were spent recuperating, Saturday was Bountiful Baskets and Farmer Man was working, so I got everyone out and about by myself and it took the whole day. Sunday was Mother’s Day. And today is Monday.
I’m still making the bed every morning (I did miss one morning because I needed to wash the sheets). This morning I made the bed, mixed up and baked a pan of Baked Oatmeal for my client, dressed the little girls, fed the baby, and was out the door for a postpartum visit by 9:15. Not too shabby, but I had hoped to get a load of laundry in before I left. Oh well. My blessed husband had started the dishwasher, so that was pretty much awesome.
When I got home, I didn’t have time for much housekeeping, other than making supper, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, cleaning out the sinks, and wiping the table and countertops.
So, that’s what I did today. Here’s my to-do list for tomorrow, because sometimes writing it down right before I sleep helps me actually remember what I want to do:
-schedule chiropractor appointment
-mail Doppler to M.
-print and collate client folder
-clean off desk
-put away clean laundry
-empty dishwasher
-repack kids’ go-bag
-stop at butcher to decide how to have our side of beef cut
-pick up G. after school
Blah. I was thinking there was another phone call I have to make immediately as soon as I get up, but for the life of me, I can’t remember.
I need to be ready and leaving the house by 1:15ish, if I get my chiropractor appointment made. Then I’ll have my adjustment, stop at the post office, stop at the butcher, pick up G., drop all the kiddos off at V.’s and head for Dix. Stops in Dix to include a quick prenatal with C. T., consult with A., prenatal with C. N., picking up teacher gifts, and Wally World. Wally World list includes:
-ground mustard
-mechanical pencil
-gift cards
-thank-you cards
-cheap backpacks
-whatever else I’m forgetting
I hope no one ever reads this blog. Unless they’re trying to fall asleep, because this is just my mind tapping things out as they come, sorta, and one ginormous snoozefest.
Anyways, I don’t have a lot of time to get everything done tomorrow morning, but I MUST do the laundry, go-bags, and client folder. And doing the client folder would be MUCH easier if I cleaned at least one side of my desk off. We’ll see. Some of these things would be far easier to accomplish if I could actually get up before the kids do. But, beings I’d have to get up around 4 AM for that to happen, yeah…not anytime soon. I’m considering one of those little sunshine clocks for G., so he can learn to at least stay in his room until a decent hour. Although, that wouldn’t do a thing for D., and then she’d just be in there egging him on and causing mischief. Hmmmm… My life would just be much simpler if they’d sleep until at least 6:30 AM. I need to get them each a diffuser and some lavender oil. Maybe that would do the trick.
Speaking of kiddos, I decided today that all this running around on random days really messes with any kind of routine we get going, and if I’m going to eventually hit my business goal of 4 clients a month, I’m going to need to invest more time, some actual office hours. So, starting next week, I’m going to have the kids at the babysitter’s every Thursday, all day. A whole day seems like such a long time for them to be out of my care and slightly anxiety-inducing, but when you add up all the hours they’re there in a given week lately, it probably amounts to almost a whole day. So we might as well just do it all at one stretch and go through the pain of getting everyone out the door ONCE, instead of two or three times a week. Then I will schedule consultations/prenatals/postpartum visits for that one day a week, even if that means driving from Bis to Dix before heading home. And if I don’t have any visits to make that day, I have plenty of editing and paperwork and research and marketing stuff to work on at my desk. Or, heck, cleaning with no one under foot, for Pete sake.
I just pray it’s the right thing. Seems like such a big step. I already miss the little monsters.
But, I was gonna talk about my new non-negotiable, wasn’t I? Well, for this week, on top of making the bed, we’re going to go with unloading the dishwasher every morning and reloading and running every. single. night. I’m not worried about not having enough dishes to fill it up every evening; not when there’s a couple left over in the dishpan under the sink every time I run it now. Yep, that’s what I’m doing, much as I’m not a fan of unloading and putting away. Granted, those things are eons better than washing and drying by hand. Can’t get by with doing none of the not-so-fun stuff.


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