Wow. No, I haven’t fallen off the wagon, but life has been too crazy for blogging about mundane stuff. Let’s see, first there was my folks coming to visit this past weekend. As they were getting ready to leave, I noticed I was developing some plugged ducts, so spent the rest of Sunday afternoon and evening in bed, trying to nurse them out. Went to bed for the night feeling yucky, but thought I’d feel better in the morning. WRONG. I woke up even achier and proceeded to pass out in the shower (I’m assuming it was the combination of my fever rising and the hot shower). Mastitis is a BITCH. Completely flat on my back and sick as a dog for all of Monday. Meds had me feeling 50% better by Tuesday morning, but I was still wrung out and tried to focus on rest and recovery. Which worked great until C, a client, texted me that her water broke. So, since I was feeling do much better, it was off the hospital Tuesday evening…and I did not leave that hospital until this morning at 6:30. Total insanity. It was afternoon by the time I got home, though.
But, I did well with the making the bed non-negotiable all the way up until Monday, the day I got sick, and it hasn’t been made since then either because I’ve either been in it, or away. So I don’t feel bad. I don’t feel defeated or annoyed or like I fell off the wagon and now what’s the point of trying to get back on. I know I can do this. In fact, I know I can do this and so much more, it’s not a big deal. In fact, I can’t wait to implement an additional DNN (daily non-negotiable), beginning next week! Building one small habit at a time, that’s how I’m going to conquer this, the mountain of myself.


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