Daily checklist #6

Ack, I forgot to post before bed again last night! Oh, well.
Yesterday was ok. I didn’t want to do much in the kitchen for fear of messing it up, haha. I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, since my folks are coming for a quick visit this weekend and I need to clean up the kids’ bedrooms for them to sleep in. Ugh. Those rooms are stupidly gross. Where do all the random bit of paper come from?!
Anyways. I’m headed to Bismarck for a doula event today, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Eep. They’re getting here tomorrow. And I have to take the cow to be bred tomorrow morning too. The bedrooms will probably be finished in a high-adrenaline, pressure-induced whirlwind. Like usual.
But here’s my daily checklist for yesterday:
Washed and dried a load of diapers
Cleaned the bathroom spic and span
Kept the kitchen clean
Washed and dried towels
Washed and dried the icky shower curtain
Put 3 loads of laundry away

Not completely shabby, now that I look at it on paper!


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