Daily checklist #4 and #5

Got very little done yesterday, was inexplicably exhausted and just couldn’t get going. So the weekend mess stayed in the kitchen and it was icky.
But I did make the bed. That was all, but I stuck with it for the 4th day in a row. Actually, I made it twice- once upon getting up in the morning and the other time after a nap. Lol, go me.

Today was much more successful, in huge part to Farmer Man being home and taking it upon himself to clean up the kitchen mess. Yep. He got the counters all cleaned off. And after some editing this afternoon and making supper, I got a second wind in the evening and did myself proud. Here’s my daily checklist for today:
Made bed
Unloaded and reloaded dishwasher
Swept kitchen floor twice
Mopped kitchen floor
Washed fronts of oven and dishwasher
Gathered laundry
Washed dark load and diapers

It’s amazing how much more I feel like cleaning when the clutter is gone! It’s like I can see the dirt, and it doesn’t feel like such a heavy task to complete when the whole entire countertop is accessible for wiping!


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