Daily checklist #3

I forgot to blog before I passed out at midnight, so this is for yesterday.

Yesterday I:
Made my bed
Worked in my planner to try to get a grip on this week’s schedule and figure out what I want to get done before the coming weekend.
And that’s it.

But we also worked on the budget, baked cookies with the kids, and Farmer Man vacuumed the living room. Which is really helpful because the dumb vacuum is continually needing his magic touch anyways. I do vacuum, but more often then not, I can only do it once or twice before it needs his expertise. I need a Dyson. Or something. I’m not sure if we want to plunk down all that money if our end goal is to have some kind hard floor installed on the entire main floor within the next few year.

It looks like my folks and some of the kids may be stopping in sometime the end of this week, on their way from MT to MI, so I need to think about picking up and cleaning for that. I think that I’m going to stick with my bed-making non-negotiable for this week and add something new next week, after they’re here and *maybe* I can keep some of the momentum from having a clean house going. Maybe.


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