Huge, Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazingly Perfect!

I know, *gasp*, I’m posting. Well, I kinda use this blog as a way to motivate myself and track my progress when it comes to clutter and organization. And, frankly, there’s not been a whole lot to track in that department. Survival. That’s what my life has been. Although, since I’ve cut out grains and sugar, my depression and anxiety have lessened by 95%, I kid you not. Huge, HUGE improvement. And today I actually saw proof that my focus/concentration/attention issues may be improving as well. For some reason, I got motivated to tackle this rather mammoth project, or at least, at one time it would have completely overwhelmed me. Anyways, I started this afternoon during nap time and I had a few interruptions to feed people and so on, but I kept plugging away at it until I finished it this evening. Well, almost finished. You’ll see what I mean…

So, here’s the before picture.



Scary, huh? Yeah. We built this big desk a month or so ago so we’d have room to spread out and work. Ha. Yeah. At this point there was no more actual useable workspace than we’d had on the scarily heaped and cluttered, teeny tiny desk previous to this.

But then I got motivated…



Tadaaaaa! My work space. Everything I use on a near-daily basis within easy, but organized reach.





Ahhhh, perfection! Bliss! 

Here’s the whole thing:



JD Man’s space is still not the tidiest, due to me not knowing what to do with all of his stuff and not wanting to get in trouble for pitching it. Which is what I would have preferred to have done with it. But you never know when that random thing you pitched last week will suddenly become necessary to the future of the human race. So, in a pile it sits. I cross my fingers, hoping he appreciates the work I’ve put into the rest of the office space and deals with the last of his stuff accordingly. Please, please!

Oh, and here’s the before of the built-in bookshelf on the lefthand wall.



Well, you can sort of see what it looked like before. You get the idea. And one of G Man’s great grins too.




Again, let’s insert another deep sigh of total satisfaction here: “Ahhhhhhhhh!” Phone books, boxes of blank checks, budgeting tools, printer paper, label maker, little drawers for things like pushpins and staples, blank discs, etc., all placed appropriately for easy reach, depending on how often I need to get to them. Some things are even labeled. Yes, you may ooh and aah. I know I certainly am.

I guess I shouldn’t say in the title of this blog that this project is perfect because, really, it’s not yet. There’s JD Man’s mess, a stack of plastic drawers in the corner to go through, some books on the top shelf of the bookshelf to dispense of (really, they wouldn’t even need to be up there). But all told, this is heaps and heaps and HEAPS better than what it was. When I finished, I kinda just wanted to sit and look at it and marvel because it was so pretty compared to what it was. It’s so pretty and everything has a place now, I’m actually not afraid I’ll lack the discipline to keep it looking this way. A place for everything and everything in its place makes everything soooooooo much better. Slowly but surely, I hope to get the rest of the house looking half this good. Hey, maybe this motivation and focus is here to stay! Wouldn’t that be awesome??? Funny how your food can screw you up that way…

Oh, and this post wouldn’t be complete without a big shout-out to my dear Sandy and her amazing skillz. I did all of the work on the desk today, but several weeks ago she helped me sort through paperwork (that may or may not have been scattered throughout the house) and set up an achievable filing system. That laid the groundwork for me being able to conquer this particular mess. Again, having a place for everything makes organizing SO much easier! 

So, we’ll see when I blog again. If I keep feeling this good, who knows, maybe it’ll be soon!


One thought on “Huge, Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazingly Perfect!

  1. Amazing Regina!!! You are taking the organization thing to a whole new level! When you finish your house, I’ll introduce you to my closets . . . HELP! Way to go!

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