I’m back! For today anyways…

Just popping in to show you my bathroom cabinet. I know, I know, long time, no blog. I’ve been organizing and decluttering here and there, just not blogging about it. Although, this is latest “big” project I’ve done in awhile. And I’m embarrassed to say how long it didn’t take, it was not worth the procrastinating.

I went through and through out a bunch of old lotions, cosmetics, etc. Threw. it. awaaaaay. And it feels so good. There’s a basket on top for all of baby girls hair doodads. A Thirty-One All In One Utility Tote to hide my ugly makeup case in. The brown basket for all manner of salves and ointments and bandages and all that jazz. The cabinet is full of Melaleuca cleaning concentrates and other stuff I don’t want the kiddos to get into. The pulls still serve as my make-do jewelry hangers. Nothing fancy, but so much better. It relaxes my mind just to look at it.


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