Chalkboard Fun!

Another project post. Again, not really anything to do with housekeeping or organizing, but it is kinda, I guess.

North wall in the kitchen kinda before. I always forget to take photos before I start into projects.
And now, voila!

My chalkboard wall! With to-do and grocery lists and reminders in big letters right in front of me with no chance of missing it! Yes, I am totally an out of sight, out of mind person. I make a list and then invariably misplace said list and forget I made a list and what was on it. Now, hopefully, it’ll be a little hard to lose my list.

This is a to-do list I’ve compiled of daily goals and priorities. I’m trying not to add anything more and make it anymore overwhelming. Yes, simple as it looks, I have a hard time getting more than half of this list accomplished in a day. But, hopefully, and yes, I know I use that word a lot, as I get into a routine, as my house whips itself into shape, I can accomplish all of this and more. I also plan to designate a specific cleaning task to every day of the week. But I’m working on this list right now. That will come.
And another perk of a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard?

Lots of fun for little hands!


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