Not really an organizing task, or even anything to do with depression, just a fun little project that I’ve been planning (and have had the supplies for) for upward of 6 months. And I just now got around to it. Actually, I started this project almost 2 weeks ago, but just got around to tying up the loose ends today.


A little bench with a flip-top lid that JD Man picked up from someone’s trash pile. Cute, but very banged up and worn looking and the white really isn’t the look I’m going for in the living room/entry way. So, on the stillest, most quietest, as well as unseasonably warm day I’ve ever known in North Dakota, I went out to take care of that with a can of black spray paint. Seriously, it was so still and silent it was deafening. Like, you can hear your heart beating and your ear drums feel like they’ll simply explode from the sheer silence. Yes, it’s an oxymoron, but it’s true. But anyways, the only thing I heard, aside from my own heart beating, was the flush and call of a few pheasant. There wasn’t even a breeze. Which is very unusual when you live on the prairie. The only way you could even tell which way the air was moving was by observing the spray paint overspray. But anyways, I’m getting off track. Which doesn’t really bother me because that’s the way my brain works. But it may confuse you. Sorry. But, get used to it.


So, I got it spray painted all pretty and put it next to the front door in the corner of the living room, with a rug under it for all our boots and shoes. Hats and gloves go in the flip-top compartment, which is beyond great. I think it’ll work really well for all those little pieces that I’m continually losing the matches for. Now, if only I could find a similar solution for little people socks!

But anyways, *drumroll*, the finished product…


Quite tidy and sharp-looking, even if I do say so myself. The basket on top is for returns. Because I am horrible at remembering to return borrowed items. Or taking things along for others to borrow. Or returning that others have forgotten at my house. Well, now I have a place for those things. I just need to remember to check the basket before I run out the door.

I kind of have a half plan for putting a board with hooks over the bench, and maybe a mirror over that. But we’ll see if I can find a cheap and cute mirror. The hook board, I’m sure I can find some ideas on Pinterest for making it myself. Or, hehe, getting JD Man to make it for me. Because, while I could manage if my life depended on it, he’s so much better at making the cordless drill do what he wants it to than I am.


Entryway Project

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