Digging Myself Out

THis is what my kitchen looked like Thursday morning. Yeah, not cool, not fun. Especially since the way I feel about working on the rest of the house hinges on how the kitchen is looking. And how I feel about cleaning the kitchen depends on the state of the sink. If the sink is in decent shape, the dishes are all washed in put away, I can clean up the rest of the kitchen pretty effortlessly. And then move onto the living room. But it needs to go in that order. I cannot clean around dirty dishes, no way, no how. And nothing else can be cleaned until the kitchen is clean. Seriously, it can’t happen. I can’t get my head on straight if the kitchen is a mess.

But I hate to wash dishes. HATE. IT. I know that sounds juvenile, but that’s just the way it is. It takes so much of my time and is so boring and not creative or mentally stimulating in the least. And I hate being interrupted. If I can’t get them all washed at once, I’ll wait until I have the time, so they stack up higher and higher. That’s something I’m really trying to fight because I know where my square one to the rest of the house is and it lies in the dishes. A dishwasher is at the very top of my wish list, but I don’t see that happening anywhere in the very near future, so I’ll just have to get used to dealing with the reality of washing dirty dishes and spoons and cups and pots and pans.

Thursday was one of those days where I woke up to this mess and was completely depressed by it, but knew I had to take care of it, or else. Or else, I don’t know what, but it needed to be dealt with by the end of the day or else I would be over the edge with everything else and wouldn’t be able to pull myself back without a lot of help. And, thanks to PBS cartoons, much as I hate that fact, I did conquer it. All by myself, on my own motivation, taking it one step at a time.


Sadly, on this Monday morning, after an extremely busy weekend, it’s back to being almost as bad as it was Thursday morning.

And we start all over again.

Story. of. my. life.


2 thoughts on “Digging Myself Out

  1. Okay its’ official! You are not alone! I feel exactly like you do about the kitchen and yet…. it’s a huge mess 99% of the time! I love the feeling when its clean but getting there is just too hard, boring, and mundane. I feel like thats all I do… cook, wash, cook, wash, cook, wash… I love to cook but I hate cleaning it up. Now if my kiddos were older and we could tag team it like when I used to help my mom as a kid, it’d be different. But for now my kitchen is my nemesis! There isn’t a square inch of clean counter space and even the table is getting over run.

    So that being said… Im with ya! But we can do this… one boring naggy dish at a time!

    • Yes, we can! I say that as I sit at the computer, working, but totally procrastinating on going upstairs to clean up my kitchen, lol. I love cooking and baking too, but I definitely have to think about it I want to clean up the mess before I get started.

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