Bookshelf To Toy Shelf Project


That would be a before shot ^ up there. The bookshelf in our living room. I decided to pull all the books off, with the plan to get rid of a bunch and put the rest on the built-in shelves in the basement bedroom, and put the toys here instead. We don’t have specific toy room, much as I would love one, and the toys just add to the disaster that is the nursery. So for now, until the kids have their own rooms, this is where the lion’s share of their toys will belong. And in a toy box in the den in the basement since they don’t all fit on the shelves.


Halfway through, last night before bed. I wanted to finish before bed, but JD Man had other plans. Plans for tax and operational loan paperwork. Yay.

So I forced myself to start on it first thing this morning, after a cup of coffee that made me completely jittery and made it even harder to think straight. But I fought through and finished it!


Isn’t it purty? We’ll see if we can keep it that way. Now, I need to rescue the living room from all this tearing apart and get a few other menial tasks accomplished so I can work on some fun CREATIVE projects this afternoon.


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