{You Capture} Busy

Well, I’ve been busy all week, but mostly with rather boring things. And then yesterday I was busy with something that actually lended itself well to capturing. Why is that I can never find anything for You Capture until pretty much the last minute? *must do better in fight with procrastination*

I present to you my kitchen at 5:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon:

When I woke up yesterday morning, I hadn’t really planned on baking and cooking, but then I remembered that I needed to bake bread so JD Man could have sandwiches for lunch. And there were chicken breasts thawed out that I wasn’t sure what to do with and decided if I was going to be baking bread, I might as well mix up dumplings too. Then I realized that I could quick do granola bars too. I must get in the habit of baking granola bars more regularly as they are splendid additions to lunches and the homemade versions are so much cheaper than store bought. Side tangent, does the term “store bought” sound like a down home, country folks kind of word to you too? It kind of annoys me because it seems so grammatically incorrect, but that’s what we use to refer to items purchased in the store that could have been made at home, so I deal with it. Tangent over.

Anyways, so I got everything done and baaaaaarely had enough light to try my hand at food photography.

Yes, food photographer I am not, but the chicken and dumplings (or pot pie, if you’re from Lancaster Co., PA) were good!

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7 thoughts on “{You Capture} Busy

  1. My “busy” looks a lot like this. So much housework! So much cooking! It never ends 🙂

    That pot pie looks delicious! I’d say you did a great job at food photography 🙂

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