A Public Service Announcement So You Don’t Fall Over In Shock…

No, not fall over in shock from the fact that I’m actually blogging here again.

I’m referencing to the fact that I’ve never really announced our plans for where we’ll birth this time. Which, really, do I have to? No, not really. But in my outspokenness for the beauty, safety and general betterness of home birth, I feel I should.

So, here it is: if all goes to plan and this little one is not born in our bathtub after a freakishly short labor, or alongside a cold, rural, North Dakota byway, we will be going to a hospital like normal, average Americans. *gasp!* I know.

Due to some things involving money and health insurance plans, as well as the fact that we live 50 miles from the nearest hospital equipped for the kind of emergencies we would have to transfer for and that the lack of midwifery legislation in the state means home birth midwives can’t carry things like Pitocin, this seemed like the best option. While I totally respect those that feel those risks are low enough to make the experience worth it, I personally couldn’t get past the “What if?” I just couldn’t.

And although I was terrified and vehemently opposed to the hospital idea at first, but I’ve done my research, asked my questions, lost sleep, and stressed out and now I’ve come around. I’ve come to realize that, while there’s a lot of unnecessary junk that goes on in the {American} hospital birthing world today, there’s also a lot of educated, informed women who know what they want and walk in to have perfectly beautiful, physiologically normal, natural births. Not that that’s what everyone wants, but it’s what I want and what I honestly and truly feel is best for me and my baby.

So, I’ve found a doctor whom I feel respects my choices and my ability to make those choices. I’ve contacted a doula with whom I’ll meet up later this week. JD Man and I have talked over the short, bulleted birth plan and he’s on board, even though he too would prefer to just stay home for the whole thing.

And honestly? I’m looking forward to it! I’m looking forward to the amazing thing that giving birth is. I’m looking forward to having a day or two of just me and baby relaxing {hopefully} in the hospital, focusing on nursing and bonding before being thrown back into everyday life again. I’m looking forward to see how the whole thing turns out!

All that to say: yep, we’re having a baby in that evil place called a hospital! And we’re ok with it! Now please go find some smelling salts!


3 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement So You Don’t Fall Over In Shock…

  1. Hi Regina Lynn!

    I just read your home birth story for your son’s birth on everbodybirths.com. I happened upon it b/c my husband and I are thinking about moving to ND. A big part of the decision making process will be whether or not we can have a home birth in ND. Do you know of anyone I could speak with or a website I could visit that would let me know where to find midwives that attend home births? I loved your story and thank you for your time. Also, congrats on your baby girl!

    • Hi Charity! I have heard of several home birth midwives, mostly in the Fargo/Grand Forks area, but there is one in particular that is will deliver in homes all over the state. As far as I know, there is still no regulations regarding home birth midwives in the state of ND, making it alegal (not legal, but not illegal either) for midwives to attend home births, although there was some talk of that changing (I haven’t heard the very latest). If there have been changes, I’m fairly certain it hasn’t really affected it much or made it completely illegal (they were moving more towards licensing midwives in the state). Please, please email me at theleftbrainedphotographer@gmail.com if you have more questions! I would probably be of more help if I knew where you were thinking about moving to. I cannot recommend North Dakota highly enough! Although, I’ve been told I’m crazy, but that’s beside the point. And I was hoping to keep the awesomeness here my own little secret, but unfortunately the oil boom is changing that. So, please email me- I would love to get to know you and answer any questions, be it regarding birth or simply living in ND.

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