Mott, ND to Goshen, IN or BUST!

Sorry, no pics for this post. I’m not on my own computer and even if I were, I’d have about 2 shots of the whole debacle.

In case you’re not friended to me on Facebook, let me explain: I’m in the midst of a 3000 mile trip to Pennsylvania and Michigan. I did the hardest leg yesterday- our house to my Aunt’s house in northern Indiana. Actually, I left our place at 5 pm Sunday afternoon. Drove across most of North Dakota, Minnesota, pulling over in one of their rest stops for an hour of shut-eye, followed a beautiful shiny grain trailer through Minneapolis because he didn’t look like he belonged in the city and, since I had neglected to look at the map of Minneapolis before hand, had no idea where I was going. But my friend with the shiny trailer got me through the construction and detours and back to I-94 on the east side of the city. Although, he probably has no idea I followed him and doesn’t know I call him my friend. Lol.

Then I continued into Wisconsin. I stopped a little west of Eau Claire and slept for another half hour, until it was light. The light saved me and I was able to finish the trip with no sleepiness. Soreness was in sheer abundance though. I seem to gather tension in the middle of my upper back, right between my shoulder. Ugh, my neck and shoulders were so sore. I couldn’t even turn to look behind me before changing lanes without it hurting pretty bad.

But anyways, I made it down to Illinois and one of the mother of all things I worried about on this trip- Chicago. There were two mothers of all things I worried about- doing that distance by myself being the other one. And wow, did I feel like a country bumpkin, with my dusty 4-door, long bed pick-up, trying to change lanes among the BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes. And I learned that while you may have your blinker on, but city people don’t really wait for you to change lanes. You’ve got to gun it and get into the space that’s there. But. thankfully, it was around noon when I went through, so no rush hour traffic. Now that would have made me cry.

The last 1.5 hours between Chicago and my Aunt’s house were the longest of the entire trip! Wow. I’d look at the mile marker and freak out since I’d only looked .2 miles before and I could have sworn I’d gone at least 5 miles since I last looked. But, finally, finally we got to the exit and were within 10 minutes of my Aunt’s house. And I’m not kidding when I say that I very nearly burst into tears when we came in view of the house. Honestly- my eyes welled up and I was like there it IS!

Oh, and I should note that G did exceptionally well! I think I got him out 4 times in the 20 hours we were travelling (about 18 actual driving hours). I was expecting to have to find rest stops and let him get out and run, but he was fine with the potty and gas breaks we took. Of course, I’m sure it helped that we did most of the driving at night and so he slept most of the way. Which was also a huge blessing. I was so glad he fell asleep and slept pretty well. But even when he wasn’t sleeping, he did great. As long as his blanket was in reach and he got animal crackers and carrot sticks to chomp on, he was pretty happy. He actually just looked out the window a lot- he loved watching the semis rumble by.

Nonetheless, he was as happy as I was when we finally arrived at our destination and he could get out and play with cousins.

And praise God that my pick-up held together! It has almost 200,000 miles on and multiple things that JD Man was worried about, but it did well this far. Even if it has no cruise and that bench seat gets incredibly uncomfortable around the 400 mile mark.

Now that the longest part of the trip is over, I plan to drive on to Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania in a few days, probably leaving very early in the morning so that Gabe sleeps most of the way again. But that 10 hours has nothing on me now! That seems so easy! Ha, we’ll see what I’m saying 9 hours into it.


2 thoughts on “Mott, ND to Goshen, IN or BUST!

    • I really don’t think it was the driving alone that had me tensed up, but freaking out about getting pulled over for speeding instead. The pick-up doesn’t have cruise, but DOES have a goofy gas peddle that goes down to 80 mph really easy and then stays there. And I’m being totally serious- my having a lead foot has nothing to do with it. But anyways, so 80 is fine on the I-94 through ND, but once you hit MN and beyond the speed limits just keep going down, down, down and I’m CONSTANTLY checking my speedometer and readjusting. SERIOUSLY annoying and stressful- especially when you see a cop!

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