July 4th Camp Out

We had a lovely, lovely weekend camping out with another family from church at a nearby reservoir/lake. It was very much a last minute trip- we were invited Friday morning and headed over to the campsite late Friday afternoon.

This was G’s first camping trip and I think he loved it. He did really well- particularly on Friday night. We slept in a tent, G in his pack’n’play, and it turned out to be a pretty windy night. Windy enough to keep JD Man and I awake, all the while threatening to flatten our tent. In my fuzzy, tired mind, I imagined that we were climbers in a tent on the side of Mt. Everest. Yes, I have a weird brain.

The other family had 4 kids, ages 11-6 (?), so G had a bunch of really good baby-sitters.

Part of the fireworks stash. Hehe.

A couple of smoke bombs and “snakes” were lit Saturday afternoon, but most of the stash was saved for Sunday evening when a bunch more people from church came out to the campground for a cookout.

My 2 best boys.

Of course, you can have neither Independence Day nor a camp out without this stuff. And I let everyone else eat it. Blah. Hehe. Just not my cup of tea.

The Sunday evening gathering… all except the RV on the left. They were another party doing their own thing. But they were nice neighbors!

Almost all the kids went swimming, but it was kinda cool that evening so I stayed dry. And protected all the church people from the sight of me in a bathing suit.


There was some uh.MAZ.ing light that evening.

Haha, didn’t notice until right now that I caught the fishing pole next to me mid-cast and a very nice little *plunk* of the bobber on the water.

Then it was time for fireworks!

The kids running up the hill, chasing after the “parachutes.”

A few attempts at light painting with sparklers.

And that’s how the camping trip finished out.

And then I came home to a messy, dirty house with a huge to-do list before I head out East next Monday. Yes, ’twas a lovely feeling. But, oh, we had fun and it was definitely worth it!


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